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Web series inspired by a family with twin boys on the autism spectrum.

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When our boys were diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, thirteen years ago, there wasn't much out there on what to expect.  We had found a few depressing documentaries, books, a blogger parent or two, and a lot of information on cures and treatments.  In hindsight, what we were looking for was a safe place to tell us that life would go on, just a little bit different than planned.  This web series is four years in the making and shows our everyday challenges and quirks that come with raising twin autistic children.  Our pilot episode deals with the family deciding to give the twins marijuana to offset the side effects traditional medicine gave them.  Its not a cure, just our story.  Further episodes will show what families with autism encounter at the dentist, haircuts, family outings, potty training but with the humor and love that has held our family together. Our intentions are also to use children on the spectrum for every episode as our little boys for the pilot were true rock stars!  We are lucky to get to share this with you.  We hope you enjoy our journey..

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